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On #fitnotthin ]


The Sunday Times has a whole thing this week about their so-called #fitnotthin campaign, which is particularly enraging because it disguises itself as being about health and balance and positivity but yet every single woman pictured is lean, blonde and a size 8 wearing €100 leggings.

I know a ton…

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6th May 2014

Clive Thompson:

Genuinely important emails can propel productive work, no doubt, but a lot of messages aren’t like that—they’re incessant check-ins asking noncrucial questions, or bulk-CCing of everybody on a team. They amount to a sort of Kabuki performance of work—one that stresses everyone out while accomplishing little.

(Emphasis mine) — Great little turn of phrase there. After three years in a corporate office and dozens of useless emails every day, I still can’t quite believe this is the way things are actually done.

The norm is to manage via email, which creates lots of little gaps, of urgent questions and delayed responses, and the chaos this engenders really does look like a singing and dancing imitation of “productive work”.

Source: Mother Jones

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